Associate Program

learn. Grow. Thrive.

Alter EGO's associate program is a post graduate training program for licensed cosmetologists.  During this 40 week program, associates rotate duties assisting our most senior stylists.  They learn business management, technical skills, and quality control techniques that can only be acquired through years of experience from stylists at the top of our profession.  Meanwhile associates complete an intense training regimen including bi-weekly classes and required homework.  As part of our program, we FLIP the switch and our Associates demonstrate their technical proficiency during "Opportunity Days", assisted by our owner and Director of Education.  Once a week, on Tuesday afternoons, our associates open their books to request-only appointments.   For clients who are price sensitive and have a flexible schedule, Opportunity Days can be your opportunity to reach your hair goals on a limited budget.  To book with an Associate, select a Tuesday afternoon from online booking or call our front desk at 919 832-6239.


Liz Marcy

 Liz always considered herself an artist and knew by high school that she was destined to work with hair. She enjoyed changing the color of her own hair and graduated school early to begin her career. Liz specializes in creative colors and updos.

Kabrina Williams

A graduate of The Paul Mitchell School in Raleigh and a fantastic listener, Kabrina specializes in curly hair and bespoke styles that bring out the best in her clients. Kabrina is currently finishing the Alter EGO post-graduate education program.


Janay Cobb

Janay's fiery personality and trendy shoes are sure to make an impression.  Don't let her youth fool you, both her parents own salons.  She grew up in the art of hairstyling, and she knows how to make you look amazing, no matter who you are.