First Friday: "Pieces" by Leigh Moose

Though not classically trained, Leigh Moose found herself so captivated by what the world and fellow artists had to offer, that she developed her own natural talents and has chosen to narrate living and share her voice through photography. Born and raised in North Carolina, Leigh now resides just outside her hometown of Wake Forest. Encouraged by her parents to explore and experience the world around her; Leigh seized the opportunity to live in cities across the country. Experiencing both small town living and large metropolitan areas, Leigh found herself inspired by the diversity of the architecture, color, nature, history and people these areas had to offer. This exposure nurtured an appreciation for a variety of art mediums.

Leigh has worked with several major local musicians and her photography has graced the cover of three CD’s. Leigh has also enjoyed artistic photography work with fellow textile artists, making sure that those artists’ pieces also have a voice through her photography. Some of Leigh’s artwork has displayed at Raleigh’s VAE, The Anne Marie Sculptural Gardens Gallery: About Faces exhibit, Appalachian State University’s Turchin Center: The Halpert Biennial Exhibition, and The Lede Gallery of Wake Forest: Journeys Unknown exhibit. Although Leigh focuses most of her work on portraiture, she always takes the time to encourage a more “out of the box” approach to classic photography. Leigh lives by the motto that, “Every photograph deserves a moment in time.”


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