Drawings & Music by Micah Gaugh, Paintings by local artist Megan Corbally

On Friday, June 1 Alter EGO is thrilled to welcome Micah Gaugh, artist and composer.  Born in Colon, Panama, Micah currently works in music and visual art out his home base in the East Village, NYC.  The founder of the band Puppet, Micah's music resume is long and glamorous, having collaborated with the likes of Lauryn Hill, Citizen Kane, and The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.  His current project is the musical score for "Highrise", a ballet.  Recently, Gaugh taught for the Lincoln Center's 'Jazz in Schools' Program and represented the United States as a cultural ambassador.  His artwork has been sponsored by the Venezuelan Consulate and admitted to the Library of Congress here in the US.

Gaugh will be debuting a new exhibit at Alter EGO this June titled "Pixie Flower Bliss" and playing music from the Ballet "Highrise."  

I wanted to bring to light the abstract images which are inside this set of drawings. The titles of the pieces will suggest the images that catch my eye when I am finished with a piece. My hope is that the audience will be able to pick out the hidden drawings described and receive the same enjoyment that I do when deciphering these pieces.
— Micah Gaugh
Cactus Blossom

Local Raleigh painter Megan Corbally will be joining Micah, she is self-described as american traditional inspired tattoo art meets pop art.  Follow Megan at @anxietybrunch