Mandy's Hair Tips & Tricks

Our stylists at Alter EGO love to share their hair knowledge. So much so that when I asked Mandy to share her favorite hair tips and tricks, she wrote up a huge list of all of her best styling tricks, shampoo & conditioning advice, and product tips because she didn’t want to miss a single thing! Thus, I would like to introduce… Mandy’s Hair Tips & Tricks!Shampoo & Conditioning Tips

-Brush your hair BEFORE you take a shower - it will be easier to wash/condition and it will save your drain from getting clogged.

-When shampooing, focus on your scalp!

-Don't shampoo everyday; it strips your scalp of its natural oils so then it works double time to replace it.

-Rinse your conditioner out with cool water. It seals your cuticle with all the goodies your conditioner is packed with.

-Clarifying shampoo is your friend! Your shampoo didn't stop doing its job. Hair gets bogged down over time with product buildup especially if you are putting drug store products on it. Giving your hair a good clean will give your hair life!


-Pantene, Herbal Essence, Tresseme and other drug store brands might claim "color protection, heat protection, shine" but it’s really wax.wax.wax. If those products did what they said we would be using them in the salon or they wouldn't be as cheap! For example: if you spend $140 on highlights & a toner and you use a product that cost you $12 for shampoo and conditioner- your toner will be stripped off by the 2nd wash, if not the first. So $30 down the drain... literally! (I don't like to push people into) The products we sell here at Alter EGO aren’t the only ones that will take care of your hair, but we’ve selected the best of the best to (what I care about is) maintain(ing) the color we just spent 2 hours perfecting.

-Conditioning treatments! If you color your hair a lot, swim, or flat iron excessively then you should do a treatment once a week. All others, once a month! It helps with frizz, manageability, tangles, and increases shine!

Styling Tips

-Spray bobby pins with hairspray before putting them in.


-Make sure the wavy side of the bobby pin faces down towards your scalp. It is designed to grab hair—the straight side holds it down.

-Want a fuller pony? Place two bobby pins on the bottom, pushing your pony up!

-Pony tail curls= less time to look FABULOUS!

-After you blow dry your hair, push the cool button to set it in place !

-Curl your hair different ways to add texture


-Know your hot tools! And use heat protectants. Never put a flat iron/curling iron on wet or damp hair. Fine hair should not be flat ironed at 450 degrees. Don't go over a strand too many times or you will cause breakage! -If you flat iron your hair straight up towards the ceiling you will create volume. -BANGS: 1) if you have a cowlick use a fine tooth, heat resistant comb to control the cowlick! 2) When blow drying straight across bangs start by pushing them from one side to the other with the brush following through the hair dryer. When they are 90% dry, blow them straight down until completely dry. 3) To get side swept bangs to lay across your forehead , blow them dry on the opposite side of where they lay. If you use a round brush put the brush on top and roll up instead of under. When they are dry push them over to "their" side with the brush and round them under one last time.

Product Tips

-Apply dry shampoo the day you wash your hair--Right before bed will start to absorb those oils

-Most hair products should be applied at the ends first then work your way up... but not to the root!

-Don't waste product! A pearl size amount of gels, creams and serums go a long way! I rub mine on my hands like lotion and begin at the bottom and underneath. Each strand that touches any part of my hand gets product! Mousse is a little different... the type of nozzle has a lot to do with that. If you can spray it directly on the root in a line, put it where you want/need lift (all around the hair line, down the part and a few sections at the crown); no need to put mousse at the bottom of your hair. If it is a foam dispenser I would say start with a golf ball size and begin patting where you want the volume. When you are finished rub it all in!

Miscellaneous Tips

-Bring pictures to your appointments when going for a new look! Communication between you and your stylist is key to you loving your hair!

-Before getting in the pool wet your hair with water from the shower... You know, the one in the corner we are suppose to use before getting in the pool? Having your hair wet reduces the amount of chlorine it sucks up in the pool leaving your hair soft and healthy.

-The sun is super damaging to your hair! Cover it up or use a uva uvb protectant

-Don't forget about your scalp at the beach! If you have a part that is exposed to the sun it can be burned! Spray some sunscreen on it!

-If you have well water, buy a water softening shower head at a home improvement store! It will cut back on the chlorine and other minerals!

-When combing hair out of the shower use a wide tooth comb or a wet brush (a brush designed for wet hair that has flexible bristles to easily slide through knots!) don't just rip through those tangles!

-When washing your face, be aware of your hair line! Some face washes are pretty powerful and can't strip the color right off!

-About 6 months after having a baby you will start shedding... A LOT. Calm down, it’s normal. While pregnant you don't shed your typical 100 strands a day, so after your body starts getting back to "normal" it starts the shedding process. All the hair you accumulated during pregnancy starts to "fall out.”

-Color cannot lift color. If you have color on your hair it is a process to change it or lift it.

-Be open and honest with your stylist. If you color at home... let us know. If you are a get up and go… let us know. Getting a high maintenance cut or color is not for you.

-Camouflage your roots by zig zagging your part! And then book an appointment!

-Know what you want before heading to the salon. A big change needs discussing. When booking your appointment let the front desk know you would like a consultation or if you book online write it in the notes section. It helps us as stylist get prepared for what we are doing. After we get to know you ( 3+ appointments) we will get a better understanding of you and your hair and we will then be able to tell you what we think would look great on you.

Have fun with your new tricks, and enjoy your hair! Give your hair the life it deserves!