September First Friday: Alter EGO presents Conall Callen.

Alter EGO presents Conall Callen, a painter living and working in Raleigh. Born in 1971 in Arlington, Virginia, Conall received his formal arts training at Carnegie Mellon where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1994. Subsequently he moved to Portland, Oregon, began a career in banking and started a family. The Callen family has lived in Raleigh since November 2010.  For Conall, a successful piece of work should contain enough beauty and harmony to distract the viewer.  There should be enough complexity that continues to inform the viewer over time and enough identity and individualism to distance itself from its own making, therefore appearing to have no known origin.  Ultimately, it should remind you of a person that you would like to meet. Come by this Friday, September 2, to view Conall's collection.  Stop by to check out the salon, book your next appointment or have a drink.  We look forward to seeing you!

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