Simply Smooth Brazilian Keratin Treatment


SIMPLY STRAIGHT products use the highest quality, purest keratin derived from botanicals and human hair.  Using two types of quality keratin increases the performance of our treatment.  Keratin from human hair goes further into the cuticle than other forms of keratin derived artificially or from animals. Keratin from botanicals have bigger molecules that sit outside the cuticle and gently melt into it. Using these two quality forms of keratin allows our formula to penetrate from the inside and out of the hair cuticle, providing better smoothing performance through a natural healthier process.


Q: Will this product damage my hair?  A: No! There are no harsh, damaging chemicals.

Q: How often will I need this treatment repeated?  A: With the use of maintenance products, about 4-6 mos.

Q: Will I have a line when it’s growing out like hair color?  A:  No. It does not grow out; it washes out.

Q: Should I expect my hair to be straight?  A:  It will not be pin straight, but it will be smooth.

Q: What does keratin do to the hair? A:  It smoothes down the cuticle layer and conditions the hair.

Q: What type of hair can the Simply Straight Treatment be used on? A:  All hair types can benefit.

Q: If I have previously color treated hair, can I have the Simply Straight Treatment done?  A:  Yes!

Q:  How does this differ from (Japanese) Straighteners? A:  There is no thio or lye contained in this product. There is no risk of chemical damage to the hair.smoo_ani

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