Aaron Kim, Raleigh Hair Stylist & Colorist

Daeho Kim, also known as Aaron, joined us in Dec 2015 from Busan, South Korea where he was a sought after stylist with more than 8 years experience.  The bustling port city of Busan (pronounced "Pusan") is actually the world's 10th busiest city, and is the second largest city in South Korea, next to Seoul.  Busan is known for its beautiful beaches, seafood markets (fresh sushi -yum!) , and its "Diamond Bridge" fireworks.

After honing his k-style craft in South Korea, Aaron decided to join a salon team in Australia to gain more global fashion influences and practice styling different hair types.  Intent on helping him prepare for his international move, Aaron's father, a Vice Principal at a local elementary school, introduced him to the school's new American English teacher, the future Becky Kim.  Aaron and Becky are expecting their first child in July.


Aaron enjoys artistic color services involving creative color and hand-painting techniques such as ombre and balayage.  These services allow him to infuse his knowledge of global fashion trends with his own artistic expression.  The featured model was styled by Laura Thabet and Aaron Kim as an entry into Alter EGO's charity contest SPECTACLE for 2016.

Read reviews of Aaron's work on Yelp.  Book online with Aaron here.  Follow Aaron on Instagram at @aaronsscissorhands