Things We Said, A 26 piece collection. Opening Sat May 27 at Alter EGO.

This Saturday from 3-6pm at Alter EGO, Artist Taylor Lee is unveiling a collection of 26 pieces, one for each letter of the alphabet.  Each title, from "Please Don't Go" to "Before I Met You" evokes pivotal points in a relationship.  "Things We Said" honors those often painful moments. Taylor is currently preparing for an artist residency in Puebla, Mexico, independent projects in San Ramon, Costa Rica, and a gallery opening in Urbana, Illinois. Visit her Instagram @taylorleepaints for daily updates on her work and to follow her adventures abroad.  


This year I’ve been thinking about the differences and similarities between everyone. We come from different countries, different religions, different age groups, different races, different economic backgrounds...yet we all live the human experience. This exhibition will celebrate and honor the moments that overlap. This collection is comprised of 26 pieces, one representing each letter of the alphabet. The title of each piece will start with a letter from the alphabet, and the title will be something that we’ve said to someone else at least once in our lives. All humans, no matter how different, have probably said these things. From, “Please Don’t Go” to “Meet My Mom,” we can all relate to the important moments in our lives that are captured with these words.
— Taylor Lee